The Victim Services Unit within the Nevada Department of Corrections [NDOC] serves as a point of contact within corrections that is sensitive to the needs of crime victims. Through this office, crime victims, their family members, threatened parties or concerned citizens can receive assistance with any of the following:

    • Registration of crime victims for the notification of release of their offender from the custody of NDOC.
    • Notification of an inmate’s escape from the custody of NDOC.
    • Advocacy on behalf of victims concerning their particular needs in the correctional process, including but not limited to: situations involving harassment by inmates, compliance with court mandated conditions, unwanted contact, etc.
    • General information regarding the status of offenders in the custody of or under the supervision of NDOC, including parole eligibility date, projected expiration date and sentence structure.
    • Referrals for crime victims to other state, federal and community based services.
    • Notification of execution dates along with preparation and orientation for victims who choose to be present at an execution.
    • Attendance with victim to Parole Board hearings, Pardons Board hearings, and executions.

      Confidential Address Program

      The Victim Services Unit is a certified agency of the Confidential Address Program [CAP] through the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. CAP is another safety planning tool for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and attempted sexual assault. CAP works by granting participants the use of a fictitious mailing address. When victims enter into business relationships with state and local agencies, the use of the fictitious address both maintains the victims’ confidentiality and relieves those agencies of the difficult and costly responsibilities of maintaining confidential records. CAP participants benefit by significantly reducing the risk of being physically located through public records.

        If you are interested in this program, please contact the Victim Services Unit for more information or visit: