Management Information System (MIS) Mission Statement

Modern Technology

To keep the Department current with technology, outdated equipment will be replaced on a regular basis. Older equipment will be phased out as replacement equipment is purchased. The Department will make a concerted effort to stay abreast of new technology standards and developments.

    Technical Support

    The primary responsibility for providing and coordinating technical support will lie with the MIS Section. Hardware support will be provided through several avenues, including warranty contracts on new equipment, and time and material contracts on current assets.

      Improved Communication

      The Department will implement computer technologies, such as e-mail and intranet systems, to improve communication between administrative and facility employees, the administration, and the general public.

        Organizational Efficiency

        Technology will be used to improve and automate the Department’s organization.

          Staff Development and Training

          The Department recognizes the importance of having staff that are proficient in the use of business technology. The ongoing technology staff development plan will include the identification of areas where training is needed, and facilitating or providing the appropriate training.

            Equipment Standards and Specifications

            Standards and specifications will be maintained for computers and supporting software and equipment to assure the Department procures quality equipment at the best price that meets the needs.


              All administrative offices will be equipped with the networking infrastructure to support networking all computers throughout the Department. This will improve the administrative and communication process through the use of email, and sharing of documents electronically.