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The Department of Corrections is governed by the Board of State Prison Commissioners. This Board consists of the Governor as chairperson, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General.

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2022 Meeting Information


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Public Meeting Information
Board of State Prison Commissioners
10:00 AM
originate iconOld Assembly Chambers - 101 N. Carson Street - Carson City
video iconSuite 5100 - 555 E. Washington Avenue - Las Vegas
Agenda for April 28, 2022 Minutes for 1-24-22 BOPC MeetingExhibit 13a AR 502 TEMP Youthful Offender ClassificationExhibit 13b AR 502 Youthful Offender Classification RedlineExhibit 14a AR 503 TEMP Conduct of Objective ClassificationExhibit 14b AR 503 Conduct of Objective Classification RedlineExhibit 15a AR 504 TEMP Initial Classification ProcessExhibit 15b AR 504 Initial Classification Process RedlineExhibit 16a AR 521 TEMP Custody Categories & CriteriaExhibit 16b AR 521 Custody Categories & Criteria RedlineExhibit 17a AR 658 TEMP Reasonable Accommodation for Offenders with DisabilitiesExhibit 17b AR 658 Reasonable Accommodation RedlineExhibit 18a AR 707 TEMP Offender Disciplinary ProcessExhibit 18b AR 707 Offender Disciplinary Process RedlineExhibit 19a AR 740 TEMP Offender Grievance ProcedureExhibit 19b AR 740 Offender Grievance Procedure RedlinePublic Comments
The public are permitted to attend at either physical location and provide public comment.