Re-entry is a system-wide process beginning at intake and encompassing all efforts to assist offenders in acquiring the skills, education, pro-social attitude and behaviors necessary to be successful in society.  Successful re-entry includes job acquisition, re-uniting with family members, acquiring housing, access to mental health and medical services, and the means to have a purposeful and meaningful life.

Programming plays a crucial role in the re-entry process.  NDOC offers re-entry specific programming, mental health programming, vocational programming, educational programming and substance abuse programming. At CGTH, we have additionally partnered with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, God Behind Bars, and Hope For Prisoners for addiction management and voluntary religious programming for community trustees.

For a listing of the programs available to offenders while under NDOC supervision go to the Correctional Programs link menu option to the left.


    Nevada’s Re-entry Vision is dedicated to reducing the rate of offenders returning to incarceration by utilizing collaborative interagency partnerships and nationwide best practices for re-entry programming. Success for an offender is defined as: having stable housing and employment, effective treatment, positive personal relationships, family support and appropriate supervision that will enable productive and law-abiding lives. Nevada believes it has an economic and moral imperative to support offenders recently released from custody to regain entry into the community. 

     The returning citizen will:

    • Maintain a crime free life style;
    • Obtain employment or educational/vocational opportunities in the community;
    • Reconnect with the family members or children; and
    • Have access to behavioral health and physical health services.