Victims' Information

Vision Statement

The Victim Services Unit (VSU) works to provide information, referral services and support for victims of inmates in the custody of the Nevada Department of Corrections. The VSU is committed to uphold the rights of victims in accordance with state law.


    There are two notification methods available to victims. Victims may choose to sign up for one or both types of notification at no cost.

    The VSU provides notifications which enhance accessibility to departmental and Parole Board Commissioners Parole Board Commissioners proceedings. All VSU notifications are sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Crime victims, witnesses, and threatened parties may request notifications from the VSU by filling out and submitting the Victim Notification Request Form.

    Additionally, automated custody status notifications are available through Nevada VINElink. Accounts with VINElink are free and anonymous. VINElink provides basic custody information for offenders incarcerated in a Nevada city or county jail, state prison facility and offenders on supervised release, including parole or probation supervision.


      The Department of Corrections does not distribute restitution to victims. In order to receive restitution, the Judgment of Conviction provided by the Court must order restitution to be paid. If an inmate in custody has funds available for restitution payments, a check will be forwarded by the Department of Corrections to the Department of Public Safety Accounting Division for distribution to the victim. Inmate banking information is confidential by law and cannot be discussed.

        MARSY’S LAW

        Marsy’s Law is a state constitutional amendment which outlines the rights of crime victims. Marsy’s Law varies from state to state. The rights provided to victims under the Nevada Constitution are listed here


           (Effective January 1st, 2020)

           "Survivor” is defined by NRS 217.280 as a person who has been sexually assaulted as defined by NRS 200.366 or a person upon whom a sexual assault has been attempted.

           The full Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights is available here.