Complaint and Commendation Guide

This guide is for citizens wishing to file a complaint or make a commendation regarding the conduct of an Department of Corrections employee.

Filing Complaints

The Nevada Department of Corrections has a vital and ongoing responsibility to serve the citizens of the State of Nevada through the effective, efficient, ethical, moral and lawful conduct of its employees. It is essential that public confidence in the Department’s ability to investigate and properly adjudicate complaints against its members be maintained. Anyone who expresses dissatisfaction with the conduct of a Department employee is entitled to prompt acknowledgement of his or her complaint. To that end, it is the policy of this Department to accept all complaints against its employees as prescribed by Administrative Regulation 340.01. The rights of the employee as well as the complainant must be preserved, and any investigation or hearing arising from a complaint must be conducted in an open and fair manner with truth as the objective. Each employee is entitled to consistent, accurate and timely disposition of complaints.

The Department accepts all complaints and performs thorough and impartial administrative, and when necessary, criminal investigations into allegations of employee misconduct. Complaints are accepted from any source, or any medium, at any Department institution or facility by any employee. When available, a supervisor will be immediately notified and will accept the complaint on behalf of the Department. The Department form for filing a complaint is the Department Standardized Complaint Form (DOC-1064). The DOC-1064 is completed whenever an allegation of misconduct is made against an employee that, if sustained, would result in corrective or disciplinary action for the employee. Upon receiving a completed DOC-1064 the Office of the Inspector General will review it for the purposes of determining the complaint classification and assignment of a case number. Based upon classification, the complaint will be assigned to the appropriate investigative body. Upon completion of the investigation, the matter will be submitted to the concerned employee’s Division Head for adjudication and appropriate action. Non-custody citizen complainants will receive written notification of complaint dispositions. Custody complainants will be notified pursuant to Department procedure. Possible dispositions include:

  • Sustained (the alleged act occurred)
  • Not Sustained (insufficient information to prove or disprove)
  • Unfounded (the alleged act did not occur)
  • Exonerated (the alleged act occurred but was justified)

On average, investigations are completed within 60 days. Some cases require longer investigations. Case files are confidential and are not released to the public.

Making Commendations

The employees of the Nevada Department of Corrections are committed to providing the highest most professional level of service possible. Recognition of their efforts is always welcomed and valued. Citizens are encouraged to acknowledge exceptional service whenever they feel it is appropriate to do so. The most efficient way to commend an employee is to write a letter describing the incident and the actions of the involved employee. Verbal commendations to the employee’s supervisor are also appreciated.

Contact Information

Please direct correspondence to the following address:

Nevada Department of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
P.O. Box 7011
Carson City, NV 89702