Registration for Notification Program

Only victims registered with the Victim Services Unit will be notified of offender information. Registration in the program is voluntary; victims are not automatically registered in the program. A notification request form can be downloaded from this site and mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the Victim Services Unit. Victims registered to be notified of all release information can expect to receive written notification prior to the offender’s release.

The Victim Services Unit will notify registered victims when any of the following occurs:

    • The inmate is discharged from prison having completed his sentence.
    • Escape and/or recapture of inmate
    • Death of the inmate.
    • Approval of the inmate to participate in residential confinement programs.
    • Change in inmate’s sentence structure.
    • Inmate is returned to our custody on a parole violation.
    • Execution of an inmate [if applicable].