Victim Services Contact Information

Mailing Address

Nevada Department of Corrections
Victim Services Unit
P.O. Box 7011
Carson City, Nevada 89702
Phone: (775) 977-5733 or 888-333-6076 (in-state toll free number)
Fax: (775) 977-5537

    Change in Address or Phone Number

    It is essential that any change in address or phone number be communicated to the Victim Services Unit in order to ensure that an appropriate notification can be made. Information regarding a request for notification or inquiries is not provided to inmates. This is confidential information that is managed within the Victim Services Unit only and is not distributed.

      Victim Requests for Notification Previously Made to Police or Prosecutors

      Requests for notification previously made to police or prosecutors are sometimes not communicated to the Victim Services Unit, therefore victims should communicate that request directly to us.