Secure Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

My family/friends sent money through JPay after October 1, 2014. Will these funds still be deposited into my inmate account?

Yes. Any funds processed by JPay will be forwarded electronically via ACH/wire transfer and posted to the inmate’s Prisoner’s Personal Property Fund (PPF) Account.

My family/friends sent money using the old lockbox address (PO Box 844483, Los Angeles, CA 90084-4483). Will these funds still be deposited into my inmate account?

Yes. The above lockbox address with Wells Fargo Bank will remain active until December 31, 2014. During this time, deposits will be forwarded to NDOC electronically via ACH/wire transfer and posted to the inmate’s Prisoner’s Personal Property Fund (PPF) Account.

Starting January 1, 2015, any deposits received by the Wells Fargo Bank lockbox address will be forwarded to the new Access Corrections’ lockbox address: Secure Deposits – Nevada DOC, PO Box 12486, St. Louis, MO 63132. Access Corrections will process the deposit and forward it to NDOC electronically via ACH/wire transfer and post it to the inmate’s Prisoner’s Personal Property Fund (PPF) Account.

I only have a 5-digit NDOC number, but Access Corrections requires a 7-digit number. What should my family/friends do?

If you have a 5-digit NDOC number, please direct your family/friends to add two zeros to the beginning of your NDOC number. For example: 12345 = 0012345.

The new Access Corrections lockbox deposit coupons state that money orders, cashier’s checks and personal checks should be made payable to “Access Secure Deposits.” How will Access Corrections know to process the funds to my inmate Trust Account?

In addition to the above payee, family/friends should also add your name and NDOC# to the money orders, cashier’s checks and/or personal checks that are sent to the Access Corrections lockbox. Your name, NDOC#, and their contact information should be written on the deposit coupon that must be attached to the money orders, cashier’s checks and/or personal checks. If the deposit coupon is not attached and your family/friends do not have a customer account with Access Corrections, the funds may be returned to the sender.

If Access Corrections has any questions, they will contact your family/friends before processing the deposit using the sender’s phone number or email address on the coupon.

Is there a service fee for my family/friends to send funds using the Access Corrections lockbox address?


The new deposit coupons state that only money orders, cashier’s checks and personal checks will be accepted. What about government checks, retirement checks, etc? Will these be processed by the Access Corrections lockbox service?

No. The money deposit services, including the lockbox, should only be used by inmates’ family/friends. Other deposits such as government checks and retirement checks should be sent to NDOC Inmate Banking Services, PO Box 7011, Carson City, NV 89702. If these checks are sent to the new Access Secure Deposit address, they will be forwarded to NDOC Inmate Banking Services for processing. This is the same process used by the current lockbox address.

Are Access Corrections’ lockbox deposits placed on a 14-day hold after NDOC receives the funds?

No. Only personal checks will be placed on a 14-day hold by Access Corrections before deposit. Once the deposits are received by NDOC electronically via ACH/wire transfer, there will be no additional hold.

My family/friends would like to send me money using one of the walk-in retail partners. Who do they need to set up an account with?

There are three ways to deposit funds using a retail walk-in location: ACHPS branded location, ACE Cash Express branded location and Access Corrections Lobby Kiosks located at select NDOC facilities:

  1. ACHPS: Inmates’ family/friends must create a customer account with ACH Payment Solutions before walking into a retail location to send funds. For a current list of ACHPS retail partners, please direct family/friends to visit or call ACH Payment Solutions at 877-339-9551.
  2. ACE: Inmates’ family/friends may visit ACE branded retail locations. These locations will take walk-in deposits without the need to setup an account prior to the visit. For a current list of ACE Cash Express locations, please direct family/friends to call ACE Cash Express 877-ACE-CASH (877-223-2274) or visit
  3. Lobby Kiosk: These lobby kiosks accept cash and MasterCard/Visa cards: High Desert State Prison, Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center, Northern Nevada Correctional Center.  These lobby kiosks accept MasterCard/Visa credit/debit cards only: Casa Grande Transitional Housing (Southern Administration), Ely State Prison, NDOC Headquarters (Northern Administration), Lovelock Correctional Center

Inmates’ family/friends may also call Access Corrections at 866-345-1884 to create an Access Corrections account and send a deposit over the phone or via using a MasterCard/Visa card.

How long will it take for the funds to post to my inmate Trust account?

After being processed by Access Corrections, funds should post to your inmate Trust account within 3-5 business days. This is similar to the processing time through the JPay deposit service.

Can my family/friends still send Gift deposits?

Yes. Access Corrections will mail out new Gift Deposit Forms to each NDOC facility/institution for lockbox deposits prior to each gift period (May-June and November-December). The Gift and regular deposit coupons will also be available on the NDOC website. If the Gift deposit coupon is not used and the money orders, cashier’s checks and/or personal checks do not state “Gift,” the deposit will be processed as a regular deposit.

During the Gift period, to send Gift deposits using the other Access Corrections Secure Deposit services (online/retail partners/lobby kiosks), family/friends must specify they are Gift deposits.

Gift deposits totaling up to $500 will be posted onto the inmates’ Trust 2 Account without any deductions upon receipt. Any gift deposits over $500 will be processed as a regular deposit posted to the inmates’ Primary Trust Account.

The deposit coupons ask for the sender’s date of birth. Is this information required?

No. This is optional information requested by Access Corrections to create a customer account for your family/friends to process the deposit. If any information is missing on the deposit coupon, it may delay and/or otherwise interrupt the deposit process.

Who should my family/friends contact if they are having trouble setting up an account with Access Corrections?

They should contact Access Corrections Customer Service at 866-345-1884. When family/friends are online at, they may also get assistance by using the LiveChat to instant message an Access Corrections Customer Service agent. They may also email Access Corrections at