About Inmate Services

Inmate Services is comprised of three separate functions for the benefit of all inmates. The major functions, responsibilities and tasks are:

    Inmate Banking

    • Processes all deposit receipts for inmates
    • Posts department charges (indigent inmates at the time of posting)
    • Responds to inmate inquiries
    • Processes inmate transaction requests for inmate charges
    • Posts inmate payroll
    • Posts monies received from outside sources (lockbox, pensions, etc.) to inmate accounts
    • Administers Restitution/Transitional Center's fiscal procedures with regard to the inmate account
    • Processes stipends for the Restitution/Transitional Center inmates
    • Posts charges for medical, dental, and prosthetic co-pays
    • Posts disciplinary sanctions and recover amounts owed to the Department by inmates
    • Processes inmate monies upon release
    • Daily and monthly reconciliation of all postings to inmate accounts
    • Provides monthly account statements to all inmates
    • Processes store purchase debits and credits for all inmate accounts
    • Administers Inmate Telephone System, Vending and burial contracts
    • Processes all payables for inmate accounts
    • Administers the collection of child support
    • Administers the collection of fines, fees and assessments from the courts per the judgments of conviction
    • Administers the collection of victim specific restitution per the judgment of conviction
    • Provides the courts with inmate account information for financial certificates
    • Sends abandoned property (inmate account monies) to State of Nevada Abandoned Property
    • Debt Collection (department charges owed by released inmates)

      Inmate Stores and Coffee Shops

      • Provides an opportunity for inmates to purchase personal property to supplement State supplied products
      • Store profits generated are transferred to Inmate Welfare Fund to provide programs for the benefit of all inmates
      • Administers purchasing procedures for canteen/coffee shop operation 
      • Revenues and expenditures controlled 
      • Profitability report for administrative use 
      • Provide personal photographs for inmates

        Inmate Welfare Fund

        • Supports inmate Law Libraries statewide 
        • Provides for the benefit of all inmates 
        • Purchases exercise and recreation supplies 
        • Provides satellite television reception/repair 
        • Funding for Education Coordinator, GED and testing 
        • Provides various transfers to State budgets to repay costs incurred by indigent inmates