Warm Springs Correctional Center (WSCC)

P.O. Box 7007
Carson City, Nevada 89702
3301 E. 5th Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701
(775) 977-5807

    Administrative Staff


      The Warm Springs Correctional Center (WSCC) was authorized by and constructed through appropriations from the 1961 legislative session and was known as the Nevada Women’s Correctional Center until September 1997. It was converted to a medium security men’s prison in 1998, then to a minimum custody facility in July 2003. The institution has been remodeled and expanded four times over the past 47 years. A second housing unit was added in 1979, and a third in 1987. The core services building, which houses food services, health care services, education facilities and the gymnasium, was added in 1981. The 1995 and 1997 legislatures authorized a fourth housing unit, two towers, a new security fence, additional classrooms and a complete remodel of the kitchen, dining room and entrance building. The completion of this project in July 1998 (funded in part with federal monies) brought the budgeted capacity of WSCC from 260 to 510 inmates. In July 2008, WSCC was converted back to a men’s medium custody institution.


        WSCC is staffed by 125.5 employees. One hundred three are funded through the WSCC budget account, including 3 Administrators, 80 Correctional Officers and 16 Correctional Supervisors, 4 Caseworkers, 3 Food Service Workers, 4 Skilled Craftsman, and 3 Clerical positions. Inmate Health Care Services at WSCC are funded through the Department’s Medical Division and includes 2 part time Physicians, 1 Director of Nursing, 6 Nurses, 2 Clerical positions, 1.5 Psychologists, 1 Psychiatric Nurse, .5 Psychiatrist, .5 Dentist, .5 Dental Technician and .5 Lab Technician.

        Three other positions are paid for through the Offenders Store Fund and include 2 Storekeepers (Canteen and Coffee Shop) and 1 Physical Education/Recreation Specialist. High School, Adult Basic Education and Vocational Training is provided through the Carson City School District and staffed by five teachers.


          At this time WSCC is budgeted for 532 inmates.

            Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services


            Staff work in collaboration with Pre-Release and Parole and Probation to provide community referrals for inmates getting out of prison this includes Welfare, Medicaid and Job Connect. Re-Entry staff track and obtain vital records for the inmate population; this includes Social Security cards and Birth Certificates. Re-Entry staff teach Getting it Right and Moral Recognition Therapy.

            Getting It Right- Getting it Right consists of 5 workbooks: Personal Growth, Responsible Thinking, Managing My Life, Relapse Prevention, and Change Plan. During the 37.5 hours of class we cover a variety of skills that if implemented will reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

            Moral Recognition Therapy- The MRT program is a self-paced, cognitive behavioral intervention awareness curriculum that has been developed for offenders. It is a workbook-based program that utilizes a series of group exercises and prescribed homework tasks that participants must complete at their own pace.

            Carson Adult Education- Coursework provided to inmates gives opportunity for High School Equivalence as well as high School Diploma.
            Western Nevada College- Coursework provided to inmates give opportunity for Associates Degree in General Studies.

            Substance Abuse

            Phoenix- Substance abuse program. Community of inmates learning tools for sober living guided by trained substance abuse counselors. Generally a 6 month long program.

            Mental Health

            Commitment to Change- Changing criminal thinking by overcoming errors. 6 week class taught by WSCC Psychologist.

            Anger Management- Learning coping mechanisms to minimize impact of anger. 6 week class taught by WSCC Psychologist.

            Victim impact- Understand impact of crime on the community. 12 week class taught by WSCC Psychologist.


            Veterans Integration Program- Housing area set aside for inmates who have served in the armed forces. These inmates are given periodic visits with veterans who have meetings to discuss PTSD and other veteran issues.

            Healing Hounds Project- This program is in partnership with the Pet Network. Dogs are provided to inmates for the purpose of training dogs as Service animals for disabled veterans.

            Puppies on parole- This program is in partnership with Nevada Humane Society. Dogs in this program are at risk dogs which are trained for eventual adoption in the community.

            INK- This program is in partnership with Nevada Humane Society. Older cats which are difficult to adopt are cared for by inmates.

            Visiting Information