Jean Conservation Camp (JCC)

3 Prison Rd.
P.O. Box 19859
Jean, Nevada 89019
(725) 216-6330

    Administrative Staff

    • Frank Dreesen, Warden 
    • Jennifer Nash, Associate Warden


      Located in Jean, Nevada, the Jean Conservation Camp was constructed in 1988 and houses 240 minimum-custody female offenders for the State of Nevada. Currently Jean Conservation Camp is the only camp within Nevada that houses female offenders. Offenders at the Jean Conservation Camp work for the Nevada Division of Forestry by fighting fires during the fire season, completing conservation projects, performing highway clean-up for the Department of Transportation, and assisting with the local community.


        Jean Conservation Camp employs 18 staff members:

        • 1 Lieutenant
        • 1 Mental Health Counselor
        • 1 Correctional Casework Specialist II
        • 1 Correctional Casework Specialist I
        • 1 Senior Correctional Officer
        • 11 Correctional Officers
        • 1 Retail Storekeeper
        • 1 Medical Nurse
        • 1 Clark County teacher



            Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services

            Jean Conservation Camp offers a wide range of programs for the female offenders. They have the opportunity to enroll in educational classes in pursuit of a GED or high school diploma, participate in horticulture classes, parenting classes, and various self-help classes. Jean Conservation Camp also coordinates with the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) in training of inmates to work on fire fighting crews during fire season.

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