Ely State Prison (ESP)

P.O. Box 1989
4569 North State Route 490
Ely, Nevada 89301
(775) 977-5348

    Administrative Staff




      Ely State Prison opened in July 1989 and is the designated maximum-security prison for the State of Nevada. The facility is located approximately nine miles north of Ely in White Pine County. The prison was built in two phases: Phase I was completed and opened in August 1989, and Phase II was completed in November 1990. The original design was for 1,054 inmates, but the capacity has subsequently been increased to 1,183 inmates.


        Ely State Prison currently has 406 employee positions. The institution is considered a major employer in the region, and staff are significantly involved in community activities. Staff are proud of having a safe, secure, and sanitary institution and strive every day to complete the mission of the Nevada Department of Corrections: NDOC will improve public safety by ensuring a safe and humane environment that incorporates proven rehabilitation initiatives that prepare individuals for successful reintegration into our communities.


          Ely State Prison's total capacity is 1,183 inmates.

            Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services

            The programs offered at Ely State Prison offer vocational training, educational opportunities and treatment services. These programs include:
            Certificate Only Programs:
            Anger Management II: Continuing to Cage your rage
            Criminal Thinking/Criminal Behavior
            Victim Awareness (Empathy)
            Starting Over
            Life Skills Series
            Nine to Five Beats Ten to Life
            TRY: Treatment Readiness for You
            The Con Game
            Values for Responsible Living
            Learning to live Without Violence
            The Adult Relapse Prevention Workbook
            Domestic Violence Awareness
            Domestic Violence Prevention
            Merit Credit Programs:
            High School Diploma
            Commitment to Change I-III
            Financial Literacy

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