Casa Grande Transitional Housing (CGTH)

3955 W. Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118-2316
(725) 216-6000

    Administrative Staff

    Deputy Director Brian Williams
    Facility Manager Tim Christianson


      The Casa Grande Transitional Housing center has been operating since December 2005. The dormitory-style facility was built to house non-violent, non-sex crime inmates who are within 18 months of their parole eligibility date. The main purpose of Casa Grande was, and still is, to allow these “residents” the opportunity to seek work and secure permanent housing prior to reintegrating into society. Since its inception, Casa Grande has expanded its programs to include parolees, probation violators, and ex-offenders.


        The Casa Grande Transitional Housing center is operated with 27 staff members:

        • 1 Correctional Manager (Custody Lieutenant)
        • 2 Senior Correctional Officers
        • 19 Correctional Officers
        • 1 Correctional Caseworker III
        • 2 Correctional Caseworkers II
        • 1 Accountant Technician I
        • 1 Facility Supervisor III (Maintenance)


          CGTH is a 400-bed facility housing both male and female inmates.

            Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services

            OPEN: (Suspended due to COVID-19) An alternative to jail/prison which provides close supervision for probation violators while allowing them to continue to work in the community and/or complete additional court-mandated service.

            Drug Court: (Suspended due to COVID-19) An alternative to jail/prison which provides close supervision of offenders while allowing them to participate in community treatment programs.

            Boot Camp Stepdown: (Suspended due to COVID-19An alternative to incarceration which provides a streamlined transition back into the community by providing assistance with obtaining housing, employment, vocational training, and social services.


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