Offender Mortality Statistics

The Nevada Department of Corrections(NDOC) is committed to providing information to the public in a timely and accurate manner. This section of our website contains data and information related to in-custody inmate deaths.

NDOC is responsible for the care and custody of approximately 14,000 inmates in seven major correctional institutions and numerous camps across the state. The Department is dedicated to providing proper supervision for all inmates including access to appropriate levels of health care to meet their needs.

    About Offender Care

    Many of our offenders have had little or no regular health care prior to being sentenced to NDOC custody. In addition, many inmates suffer from preexisting conditions related to their substance abuse/addiction and mental health issues as well as chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.  From the moment they arrive at one of our intake facilities, each offender is evaluated by medical, mental health and dental professionals and an individual health care plan is designed to meet their needs.  We are committed to providing quality care for each offender while they are in our custody.  This prepares them for participation in evidence based programs, education initiatives and other self-improvement opportunities for successful re-entry into our communities.

      Investigations and Autopsies

      While the vast majority of offenders will return to our communities, it is a reality some will die in custody.  The NDOC has protocols in place to handle these matters professionally and in cooperation with investigations if applicable, while considering inmate and family wishes.

      When an in-custody death occurs every effort is made to notify the next of kin as soon as possible.  There are times, however, when no family information is available.  Once every effort to reach next of kin has been exhausted, the Department will issue a press release informing the public of the general circumstances surrounding any in-custody offender death.   

      All in-custody offender deaths are reviewed by the NDOC’s Inspector General’s Office and they will investigate if necessary. Per NRS 209.3815, an autopsy is scheduled for all in-custody inmate deaths, unless next of kin submits an objection within 72 hours after the death.

        Releasable Information

        The NDOC, as a health care provider, is a covered entity for purposes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), meaning the Department must comply with federal confidentiality requirements.  Deceased inmate health information is still protected and not available for release by the NDOC.  Cause of death information must be obtained through the county coroner's office.

        Below are in-custody death statistics from 2007 to the present.  These numbers may not reflect inmate deaths that occur while confined out of state.

          NDOC Inmate In-Custody Deaths since 2007

          IN-CUSTODY DEATHS 2007 TO 2023

          Click on calendar year to view detail.

            NDOC Inmate In-Custody Deaths 2007 to Present
            *2024 17
            2023 41
            2022 43
            2021 71
            2020 82
            2019 40
            2018 43
            2017 47
            2016 42
            2015 47
            2014 44
            2013 36
            2012 40
            2011 38
            2010 41
            2009 40
            2008 44
            2007 43

              * Statistical Information Updates

              The information on the current calendar year statistical information regarding inmate in-custody deaths will be updated upon press release and or at the beginning of each month.