Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp (TLVCC)

Visiting Information

20825 Cold Creek Road
P.O. Box 208
Indian Springs, Nevada 89070
(702) 879-5472 ext.450

    Administrative Staff

    William Hutchings, Warden
    Monique Hubbard-Pickett, Associate Warden
    James Scally, Associate Warden
    Lt.Timothy Carlman, Facility Manager


      Located in Clark County, just north of Las Vegas, Indian Springs Conservation Camp was opened in 1983 with five 20-bed housing units. After a new 210-bed housing unit was opened in 1994, the Camp was moved into it and the old buildings demolished, bringing the population capacity from 100 in 1983 to the present day population capacity of 192. In 2008, the name was officially changed to Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp, referencing the United States Geological Survey designation for the location of the Camp. The Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp supplies inmates to the Nevada Division of Forestry for work projects that include roadside litter removal, landscape beautification, and fighting wildfires. The Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp facility compound also encompasses the Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp.


        TLVCC employs the following staff:

            1 Correctional Lieutenant
            11 Correctional Officers
            1 Correctional Caseworker II


          The Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp house only Minimum custody and Work Release offenders. Capacity for TLVCC is 192.