Inmate telephone charges and rates for Nevada Department of Corrections

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) provides inmate phone services to inmates through a contract with CenturyLink. Commissions received from the inmate telephone services go to the Inmate Welfare Fund, which is used to provide services for inmates including but not limited to satellite TV service, recreation equipment, law library services and indigent inmate medical costs. All commissions are paid to the Inmate Welfare Fund and they are not used to reduce the operational costs of the NDOC.

Because of the telephone commissions received during the course of the contract with CenturyLink, we have been able to provide inmates with additional, non-essential services such as the capability to access their bank balances through the phone at no cost; the ability for inmates to access email message delivery; and recently, the capability of voice mail messaging, at a low cost. Again, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, these non-essential telephone services are only available because of the commissions the Inmate Welfare Fund receives from each telephone call.It is necessary for the NDOC to periodically review and adjust rates to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations, and to ensure a consistent rate of commissions are paid to the Inmate Welfare Fund as well as.

    Inmate Phone Calls* - New Rates as of March 17, 2016

    Does not include taxes. However, all call types are subject to taxes.
    Call Type Surcharge Per Minute Rate Total 15 min. Call
    Local - Prepaid/Debit $0.00 $0.11 $1.65
    Local - Collect $0.00 $0.14 $2.10
    Intrastate  - Prepaid/Debit $0.00 $0.11 $1.65
    Intrastate  - Collect $0.00 $0.14 $2.10
    Interstate - Prepaid/Debit $0.00 $0.11 $1.65
    Interstate - Collect $0.00 $0.14 $2.10
    International $0.00 $0.50 $7.50

      Llamadas de reclusos telefónicas* - tarifas nuevas a partir de 17 Marzo 2016

      No incluye impuestos. Sin embargo, todos los tipos de llamadas están sujetos a impuestos.
      Tipo De llamada Cargo De Conexion Cargo Por Minuto Total delas llamadas 15 minutos
      Local - Prepago/Débito $0.00 $0.11 $1.65
      Local - Cobrar $0.00 $0.14   $2.10  
      Intraestado - Prepago/Débito $0.00 $0.11 $1.65
       Intraestado - Cobrar $0.00 $0.14   $2.10
      Interestado - Prepago/Debito $0.00 $0.11   $1.65  
      Interestado - Cobrar   $0.00 $0.14 $2.10
      Internacional $0.00 $0.50 $7.50

        *Rates are subject to change at NDOC's discretion.
          Las tarifas están sujetas a cambios a discreción del NDOC.