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 RFP No.
Release Date
Purchasing Staff
 Original Solicitation Document
NDOC/2020/0008 Elevator Preventative Maintenance 26-June-2020 Alicia Roman View  
NDOC/2021/0002   Leasing of Commercial Washers & Dryers-NNTH 15-July-2020 Alicia Roman View
202101 Culinary Heat Exchanger Replacement 16-July-2020   Alicia Roman View
NDOC/2021/0004 Backflow Testing & Certification - Ely Area 07/28/2020 Alicia Roman View
NDOC/2021/0003 Leasing of Commercial Washers & Dryers-CGTH 08/07/2020 Alicia Roman View
44DOC-S1302 Pest Control Service - Rural Locations 9/11/2020 Alicia Roman