Family Services Division

Attn: Ronda Larsen

P.O. Box 7011, Carson City, NV 89702
Phone: (775) 887-3367 - Fax: (775) 887-3253
Hours:7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, M-F

The Nevada Department of Corrections has a Family Services Division designed to address concerns of inmates and their families.

 Program Officer I, Ronda Larsen, serves as the point of contact for all inmate-related correspondence and phone inquiries from families. She ensures that issues are investigated and properly addressed. Ms. Larsen has many years experience in corrections administration and provides families with accurate, up-to-date information regarding their Inmate.  She is trained to answer questions pertaining to all aspects of the incarceration process. Ideas and suggestions for improvement are forwarded to the NDOC Director for consideration.

  Please contact Ronda Larsen directly at (775) 887-3367


    Community Resources

    Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons, Inc. (FFIP)
    FFIP is designed to provide support to friends and family of those incarcerated. The group's contact information is as follows:

    P. O. Box 27708
    Las Vegas, NV 89126


    Little Children Big Challenges: Incarceration

    Sesame Street's newest initiative is a bilingual (English/Spanish) multimedia outreach, providing much-needed resources to support and comfort young children (ages 3-8) throughout their parents' incarceration.