Career Paths

NDOC Recruiters

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) is a State Agency of over 2400 employees, which is responsible for the care, and custody of offenders in our system. NDOC is always recruiting for our largest job classification, the Correctional Officer. However, we also have positions for professional, technical, medical, administrative, maintenance and clerical personnel.

    NDOC encourages promotion within the department and provides opportunities for staff to complete for advancement based on their interests and additional training, experience, and education. Divisional/Departmental promotional recruitments are announced to enable staff to further their career within our agency.

      In our custody field, a typical career progression may include promotion to Senior Correctional Officer, Correctional Sergeant and Correctional Lieutenant. It may also include promotion to Associate Warden of Operations and ultimately to possible appointment to Warden of a major institution. However, if your interest is in casework, classification, and the implementation and maintenance of offender programs, the correctional field may lead to the promotion and progression in the Correctional Casework Specialist field, which may include progression to Associate Warden of Programs.

        NDOC also employs non-uniform custody positions in our investigative section of the Inspector General division. The Criminal Investigator series performs criminal investigations involving violations of federal and/or State law. Incumbents meeting the minimum requirements of criminal investigative and law enforcement experience progress semi-automatically to the next level in the series upon successful completion of their probationary period and approval of the appointing authority. A typical career progression may include auto-progression as a Criminal Investigator I, II, and III to possible promotion to Supervisory Criminal Investigator.

          The NDOC non-custody divisions include medical, inmate services, food services, prison industries, maintenance, administration, and the inmate welfare fund. These divisions offer a variety of positions providing medical and psychological care to offenders and the essential services necessary in institutional maintenance, inmate and agency funds and programs, athletic recreation, and provide training and employment to offenders for institutionally based industrial services.

            Our medical division employs all types of professional and paraprofessional individuals. With a majority of the medical positions, applications are accepted continuously, evaluated for training and experience, and kept on file for future vacancies. Our medical division offers the following career opportunities:

              Medical Careers

              • Clinical Social Workers
              • Correctional Nurses II, III
              • Dental Assistants
              • Dental Prosthetics Technicians
              • Health Information Technicians
              • Laboratory Technicians
              • Licensed Practical Nurses II
              • Mid-Level Practitioners
              • Pharmacists
              • Pharmacy Technicians
              • Psychiatric Nurses II, III
              • Radiological Technicians
              • Senior Institutional Dentists
              • Senior Physicians
              • Senior Psychiatrists
              • Substance Abuse Counselors

                The Nevada Department of Corrections offers an array of career possibilities in our remaining non-custody divisions, specializing in many fields, such as:

                  Computer Services

                  • Computer Network Specialists & Technicians


                    • Accountants & Accounting Assistants
                    • AC/Ref Specialists
                    • Administrative Service Officers
                    • Budget Analysts
                    • Program Officers

                      Food Service

                      • Institutional Cooks 

                        Inmate Services

                        • Accountants & Accounting Assistants
                        • Retail & Supply Technicians 

                          Inmate Welfare

                          • Athletic & Recreation Specialists 


                            • Driver Warehouse Workers
                            • Electricians
                            • Facility & Maintenance Supervisors
                            • Heat Plant Specialists
                            • Plumbers 

                              Personnel & Training

                              • Personnel Analysts & Technicians
                              • Personnel Officers
                              • Training Officers

                                Prison Industries

                                • Prison Industries Supervisors 

                                  NDOC also employs a wide variety of Administrative Assistants and Data Entry Operators that provide clerical support not only in the administrative division but also in our medical division as well as at our institutions.